How to buy bitcoin through Zipmex

April 2, 2020 0 Comment

Increasingly people are purchasing products, services online, and are using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin for purchasing these services online. Due to the rapid fluctuations in the exchange rates in different countries, some investors have already diversified their investments and purchased bitcoin. Other investors, especially in Asia and Australia are interested in purchasing bitcoin. They have heard of Zipmex, an exchange specialize in digital assets, for a wide range of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. In addition to allowing investors to purchase and sell bitcoin, Zipmex also has a wallet for storing the bitcoins securely. Many investors would like to find out how to buy bitcoin through Zipmex, the procedure to be followed.

The first step in purchasing bitcoin at Zipmex involves registering at the website, opening an account after providing their personal details. The account can be opened using a smartphone, desktop or other gadgets. In Australia, if the bitcoin buyer will complete the Know your customer (KYC) formalities for the account and verify the account, Zipmex will add the equivalent of 15 Australian dollar to his Zipmex account. The bitcoin buyer should then fund his Zipmex account, transferring funds from his bank account, using credit card or other methods. The buyer should then monitor the price of bitcoin on the exchange using the information which is provided like recent traders, orders and current bitcoin price. Based on his requirement for bitcoin, he can then place an order.

The bitcoin purchased will then be transferred to his zipmex wallet, after the exchange receives payment. Zipmex offers a wide range of charting tools and trading features for its currency exchange so that bitcoin buyers get the best possible price for their bitcoin purchase at a particular time. The Zipmex platform has implemented the latest security features so that the clients can securely purchase bitcoin and the bitcoin stored in the wallet remains secure. Thus the Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex is the preferred digital exchange option for bitcoin buyers in the Asia Pacific region.

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