Is Streetwear Still Fashionable in Australia?

October 22, 2019 0 Comment

Australia has gained a prominent position in the global fashion industry over the past few years. If you walk around Australian cities, you will find people walking into offices in comfortable, casual clothing now. This wasn’t the case a decade ago.


Current trends: In the past few years, streetwear has become the way to go for everyone. A proper dress code for the workplace is being replaced with the new generation coming in with a high need for comfort clothing. The growing popularity of streetwear represents the sartorial preferences and the taste in fashion of the new generation. For them, clothes should be comfortable, practical, and stylish at the same time.


Luxury on the streets: With this shift in clothing and fashion trends, luxury and high street brands have started including casual and streetwear lines into their seasonal collections. From luxury sneakers and over-sized sweat shirts, to dad jeans, expensive brands have found a way to give this generation comfort, style and a label together.


From street to fashion runways: A lot of luxury streetwear brands have made a market of their own over the last few years. Brands like Off-White, Vetements etc, have figured a way of providing the aesthetics of streetwear at expensive price points. Fashion icons have even started showcasing streetwear as collections on fashion runways. In Australia, brands like Cartel, West Brothers, and Cap City have made streetwear accessible to all. Surveys in fashion trends around Australia show that streetwear has become one of the largest growing fields in fashion. Most of the consumers are the young Australian generation.


Now streetwear Australia represents more than just an aesthetic, it represents the changing society, and how diverse and inclusive it is becoming. While streetwear, as the name suggests was manufactured for the streets, the new generation has found ways to make it fashionable enough to wear to parties and the office. This shows how streetwear is still fashionable in Australia. It has grown and made a name for itself beyond the streets.

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