“Our love can never be – oh me – oh my – the sun is so lovely here on Tropicana but my heart is like a coconut dropping from a coconut tree with no one to catch it…What will we do my vampire love?”

Waltzing Wooloomooloo: The Tale of Frankie Jones

by Amelia Evans & Dan Giovannoni

Frankie, a big-hearted young Italian girl with stars in her eyes and a whole lot of pluck, arrives destitute in Woolloomooloo – her family have died, her fortune is down, and her only hope lies in her search to find a long lost cousin – or so she thinks. Desperate for cash, she takes a job working the tables at Sydney’s most famous theatre restaurant, run by the terrifying Godmother of Theatre, Mama Merkin. Drawn into its secret underworld, Frankie falls hard and fast for Rocky the dishwasher, and things start looking up.  But Mama’s got other ideas - a plan that’s going to rock the theatre restaurant world to its core. Frankie and Rocky must band together, face their fears and chase their dreams if they’re ever going to get out of this alive…

Cast | Creatives

WRITERS Amelia Evans, Dan Giovannoni
WITH Julia Billington, Catherine Davies and Kurt Phelan.

Performance Dates

In December 2011 ARTHUR teamed up with Sydney restaurant Puntino Trattoria to create Frankie Jones, responding to a brief given by the business owner and playing to a sold out audience every night of the performance.  A unique and boutique theatrical dinner experience, it’s Muriel’s Wedding crossed with The Godfather II, meets Pulp Fiction married with When Harry Met Sally. This show runs for 60 minutes including a 15 minute interval and is available for hire, please contact us for details.

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