Videography cost in Melbourne

December 6, 2021 0 Comment

Yes, it can cost a few hundred dollars per hour to have professional videographers take video footage of your event. However, there are also other options.

For those on a budget for their wedding videos, or who just want a more relaxed and less demanding shoot with friends and family as the main focus rather than professionals, doing it yourself with a video camera and tripod can be a great idea.

You should also consider hiring an amateur videographer who charges much less than professionals, or even getting a few of your friends together and hiring a digital video camera and asking them to film it for you.

Another option is to take the footage yourself with your camcorder – just make sure you have spare tapes and batteries on hand, as the last thing you want at your wedding is for your camera to run out of power or tape just as something important happens!

Also worth considering are free online video hosting websites such as YouTube. For example, if you were to film an event yourself with a camcorder, it could be a good way to share it online for future generations, as well as those who couldn’t attend for whatever reason.

If you already have a YouTube channel or account, uploading your video could be a great way of sharing it with others without having to pay anyone to take footage.

There is the chance that whoever posts it might choose to monetize their content which would generate a small income, but it’s unlikely to cover costs.

Also worth remembering is that any footage you film yourself will generally not be of the same quality as professional videographers – so bear this in mind when choosing how to record your wedding day.

It depends on what you want out of your wedding video. Are you looking to have fantastic, professional-quality footage that you can cherish forever? Are you more interested in having a few memories captured on film rather than hiring a social media videography?

Like most things in life, if you want something done well it’s often going to cost money. If you’re happy with the second best or just want to capture some memories, then do it yourself.


What are the benefits of shooting wedding videos professionally? I’m considering shooting my own with a camcorder instead…

If you are looking to have fantastic, professional-quality footage that you can cherish forever, then by all means hire someone else to make it for you.

If you’re not looking for great and just want to capture some memories, then do it yourself.

I think getting an amateur video will be better than a camcorder because they know what to shoot or where to point the camera at. And I’ll need their help to carry the tripod which is quite heavy.


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